The site of Sidi Khelifa (Pheradi Majus)

Sidi Khelifa is a rural village built around the mausoleum of its patron saint of the same name who founded it in the XIXth century. In the mid 80s the village was the object of an original experiment that consisted in adding new buildings using ancestral architectural techniques and resorting exclusively to local materials. It is worth seeing.

The village lies next to an ancient site: Pheradi Majus. The excavated vestiges date to the IInd and IIIrd centuries. A triumphal gate, in perfect state, gives onto the forum lined with shops, a nymphaeum from which spring water flowed, a capitoline temple, baths etc.
At the top of the wooded hill overlooking the site the walls of a temple dedicated to Venus, subsequently transformed into a Byzantine fortress, can be seen. From there, the view spans the sea and the foothills of the Dorsal.


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