This ancient site is situated in the south-east of the country on the edge of the Gulf of Boughrara, which along with the island of Jerba, forms a true inland sea, ideal for fishing but also for trade with the rest of the Mediterranean.
It was a maritime trading post, therefore, as attested by the remains of port installations that today are at some distance from the shore, and it was so since the remotest Antiquity, as proved by the presence of Punic necropolises to the north and north-west of the city. But it was also an important crossroad of land routes linking the hinterland to the coast and the south to the depth of the Sahara. This explains the extent of the site that would otherwise be surprising at the confines of the desert, as well as the sumptuousness of its many monuments, both sacred and profane.

According to archaeologists, the city truly flourished at the end of the lst century, reaching its apogee in the IInd century and lasting to the IVth century: a remarkable duration.

An energetic maintenance and restoration campaign carried out in recent years has led to the excavation of the site and the presentation of its various components: capitol, forum, sacred spaces, market, residential quarters etc.


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