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Discovering Cape Bon
Author : Samir Aounallah, Mounir Fantar
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15 x 28 cm
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In clear language and an interesting scientific style the two researchers lead us in the discovery of one of the most beautiful regions of Tunisia: Cape Bon.
The advantage it enjoys due to its geographic position enables it to be a true bridge between the two basins of the Mediterranean, the reputed prosperity of its coastal towns and the richness of its hinterland, means that the peninsula has always been coveted and feared by its Mediterranean neighbours and was a battlefield for all those who sought to conquer it. All these factors explain the far-reaching influence of Cape Bon and the important role it has played since Antiquity and right up until modern times.

The authors suggest itineraries for visits, to discover economic activities, cultural and spiritual practices as well as the main historical monuments of the region.