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Au pays de l’Enfidha
Author : Tahar Ghalia
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15 * 23 cm
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The lands of Enfidha, at the beginning of the Tunisian Sahel for those who arrive from the north by the RN 1 road, an agricultural area if ever there was one, with one of the largest olive groves of Tunisia, is rapidly becoming urbanized, particularly through the expansion of existing towns. During Antiquity the tendency was the opposite: the multiplication of small centres of population resulting in a multitude of formerly inhabited sites that have bequeathed to us vestiges disseminated throughout the region and objects which for the most part are now conserved in the regional museum of Enfidhaville, housed in a deconsecrated church.
In this booklet the author provides the reader with a knowledgeable tour as an expert in the Christian era from which many of the discoveries date.