Sousse archaeology Museum

The Sousse Archeology Museum is located within the Kasbah (fortification) of the medina (old city) of Sousse, a World Heritage Site.

At the entrance of the museum, a large vaulted room displays the history and the monuments of the Sahel region from Antiquity to the Muslim period.
Located under the Kasbah’s main courtyard, the museum galleries cover an area of approximately 2,000 sq. meters, benefitting from natural and artificial light enhancing the beauty of the collections and their display. The museum includes mosaics, sculptures, lapidaries, and terracotta funerary objects, originating from a number of sites of the ancient Sahel region.

The mosaic floorings of Roman origin, which constitute one of the most important collections of the Mediterranean, are displayed at a level lower than the visitors’ or are fixed on panels. These mosaics, through their vibrant colors and their artistic compositions, illustrate beliefs, games, the arts, and, most of all, daily life.
Three rooms display in dim light the funerary rituals of the Punic, Roman and Christian periods.

The Punic room displays the famous collection of steles and urns found in the Tophet of Sousse, the antic Adrim (Hadrumete), as well as the objects from the tombs discovered in the Kasbah.

In the Roman room, a collection of pagan funerary steles is displayed next to a collection of terra-sigillata items discovered in Sousse and its surrounding area, as well as terracotta figurines, among which the famous “drunken woman”.

The circuit ends with the Christian room, which displays a collection of funerary mosaics and steles discovered within the underground catacombs of Sousse, the second largest of the antic world after Rome. In the middle of the room stands the famous mensa-mosaic (funerary table) of Hermes.
Outside the Museum, the medieval fortress, an historic monument, offers recreational areas and panoramic views on the Medina.


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