The Carthage Early Christian Museum

This antiquarium lies on the edge of the avenue Bourguiba, a central thoroughfare crossing the entire northern suburb of Tunis. The museum is built on the excavation site itself where in the 70s and early 80s the vestiges of one of the major buildings of the African metropolis during the Christian era was found: the Carthagenna basilica built after 533, date of the recapture of Carthage by the Byzantine troupes after they defeated the Vandals who had reigned over Africa for the last century – on the site of the cathedral called la Restituta.

The antiquarium is of modern design and contains objects found on the site, which besides the religious building also contained a house known as that of the “Greek aurigas”. Built within the framework of the UNESCO campaign to conserve Carthage by an American team, the museum also presents and interprets the excavation work, providing an idea of the majesty and wealth of the site at the time of its splendour and of the excavation methods and treatment of excavated objects.


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The Roman amphitheatre of Carthage The Carthage Early Christian Museum
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