The Nabeul Museum

Housed in a modest house in the centre of town, the museum has just been totally refurbished so that it can now attractively display one of the finest collections of objects coming from the various sites on Cape Bon.

Essentially, the collection comprises objects originating from either the necropolises, or vestiges of ruined houses. Therefore, funerary furnishings constitute most of the ordinary or ceremonial objects to be found in the showcases. The mosaic pavements are the most eloquent in evoking the beliefs, but also the lifestyle prevailing during Roman times in this “Beautiful Promontory” (Pulchri Promontorium).

The repertory of mosaics is rich and varied and includes rare specimens with themes based on mythology from Antiquity.

There are also some outstanding marble sculptures dating to the Roman period, as well as a collection of terracotta objects from a sanctuary dedicated to the Punic gods Baal Hammon and Tanit, attesting to a complex syncretism and that are of exceptional size for terracotta artefacts.


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