The Mahdia Museum

Established at the entrance of the old city in a reconverted building belonging to the navy, the museum seeks to be both a reflection of the history of the country, to which the city contributed considerably, and more specifically of Mahdia itself.

With respect to the first objective, on the ground floor the museum displays objects dating to Libyco-Punic and Roman-African Antiquity while a part of the first floor is devoted to the Byzantine and Islamic period. The Greek civilisation is represented by two marble columns partly eaten away by molluscs that came from a Roman ship loaded with war booty that was shipwrecked off the coast of Mahdia. Most of the cargo was recovered in the 40s and is exhibited in the “Mahdia” wing of the Bardo Museum.

With respect to the second objective, the first floor displays a great number of craft objects (sculpted and painted woodwork, mosaics, carved stucco work, ceramics, faience..) originating from the city and its surroundings, some dating back to the Fatimid dynasty that founded the city in the Xth century. Similarly, two rooms are devoted, one to weaving, for which Mahdia was an important centre, the other to sumptuous traditional costumes from the region of Mahdia – El Jem – Ksour Essef.

The attention of visitors is drawn to the “treasure and jewellery” room where gold coins and sets of jewellery traditionally worn by women of the region are exhibited.


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