Kerkouane archaeological Museum

This small museum was built at the entrance of the Punic archaeological site of Kerkouane. The particularity of the museum is due to the site, for it is the only known Punic city not to have been rebuilt after its destruction in the IIIrd century BC and consequently it provide a unique picture of a Punic city.

If the site reflects the picture of a Punic city, the museum reveals many aspects of everyday life, of economic and commercial activities, and of spiritual life, thanks to the numerous objects found buried under the remains or placed in tombs.

The collections are, of course, mainly Punic. But there are also objects on display originating from several Mediterranean countries, in particular Greece for decorative objects (vases, lamps etc) and Egypt for religious objects (seals, amulets, figurines etc.) that attest to the intense maritime activity of Carthaginian sailors.
Some objects come from excavations carried out in Punic necropolises in the surrounding countryside.


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