The Carthage Museum

Housed at the turn of the last century on the ground floor of a scolasticate of Catholic religious, adjacent to the Saint-Louis basilica built at the end of the XIXth century on the site of the Carthage acropolis, this museum contains the largest collection of objects from the site of Carthage and covers the Phoenician-Punic, the Roman-African and the Arab-Moslem periods.

Refurbished twenty years ago to better display the constantly growing collections and to extend the visit to include techniques used to conserve and restore objects, the museum is at present undergoing major restructuring within the framework of the creation of the Archaeological park of Carthage and it is set to become one of the major establishments amongst North African museums.


Tunis / Cartahge
Park of the Antonine Baths
The Roman theatre of Carthage
The Carthage Tophet
Roman villas of Carthage
The Roman amphitheatre of Carthage The Carthage Early Christian Museum
The Museum
The archaelogical site
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