The Roman theatre of Carthage

This imposing construction could contain more than 10.000 spectators.
It was built in the mid second century, against the hillside but not leaning on it. Indeed, the tiers of seats are supported by a complex system of vaults, protecting the building from the effect of earth movement.

Besides theatre performances, other types of literary events took place in the theatre where the famous Apuleus declaimed many of his works.

Destroyed during the Vth century by the Vandals, it was excavated at the end of the XIXth century, was partially restored and used for theatre performances or musical galas.

Since the 60’s, it has undergone further restoration in order to host the major Carthage international festival, during the summer, where the greatest singers, theatre troupes as well as national and international folk groups perform.


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The Roman theatre of Carthage
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