The Sidi Abid al-Ghariani Mausoleum

A holy man, Sdi Abid, lived in this place and was buried their upon his death in 1386. The monument lies in the heart of the old city of Kairouan and consists of three buildings:

- the mausoleum itself, containing Sidi Abid’s tomb, in the monument’s finest room with walls faced with beautiful ceramic tiles, carved stucco panels and covered with a carved and painted wooden ceiling;

- the oratory and the courtyard paved with marble figuring geometric motifs and flanked with galleries on two floors;

- The madrasa, where religious teaching was dispensed to students who lodged on the premises. The ritual ablutions room is also located here.



The Sidi Amor Abada Museum
The Raqqada National Museum of Islamic art
The Great Mosque of Kairouan
The Sidi Abid al-Ghariani Mausoleum
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