The Sfax Kasbah

In short, a Kasbah is an official fortified residence, often defended by armed guards. It can be the dwelling of a sovereign (for example the Tunis Kasbah, not much of which has survived) or that of the representative of authority in a province. By extension, the word has come to designate the quarter adjoining the building.

In fact, all North African towns have their Kasbah. Their use spread in the XIIth century under the Almohad dynasty established in present day Morocco. In time, they were integrated into larger defensive works comprising fortifications and ramparts. This is the case, particularly, of the Sfax Kasbah that today is a monument flanked by two towers and an artillery bastion dating to the XVIth century and is located in the continuity of the city walls.

The Kasbah was painstakingly restored and has now recovered its original majesty.


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