The El Haouaria caves

These are situated 2 km away from the village of El Haouaria, by the sea, not far from the “real Cape Bon” this” finger” that points towards Europe marking the southern edge of the Straights of Sicily through which most maritime traffic in the Mediterranean passes.

The caves were sandstone quarries already in use during Punic times, in the VIIth and VIth centuries BC, although more intensely quarried during Roman times. During Antiquity this stone was used in the construction of the coastal towns and their main monuments, in particular the capital, Carthage.

This “monument” consists of a succession of “rooms”, in fact they were excavated and emptied through a narrow opening reaching deep into the mine and forming a space in the form of a pyramid.

On the surface, at the tip of a promontory stretching into the sea, near the openings leading into the quarry, there are traces of excavation having taken place from above ground.


Cap Bon
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