Fort of Kelibia

This citadel was built at the top of a 150m high rocky promontory overlooking the sea on the northeastern side of Cape Bon.

The oldest parts of the fort comprise Roman components, but the main part of the building dates to the XVIth century. Subsequently, it underwent several modifications.

The massive, squat building is surrounded by a thick wall with square towers. The entrance is defended by a barbican. A ramp passing under a fortified hall leads to the centre of the fort which is surrounded by various spaces dating to different periods, including, probably a Byzantine chapel with three aisles where various documents and plans relating to the fort are displayed, as well as the remains of military installations, an oratory and basins dating to Ottoman times.
A lighthouse stands in the bastion’s southern corner from where an splendid panorama going as far as the Italian island of Pantellaria can be admired. From the wall walk the view overlooks the town of Kelibia and the surrounding countryside.


Cap Bon
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