The AMVPPC has been entrusted with the commercial operation of 16 of Tunisia’s major monuments. They represent all periods of the country’s history.
Ancient time monuments Islamic time monuments
Park of the Antonine Baths The Great Mosque of Kairouan ( WH )
The Roman theatre of Carthage The Abou Zamaa al-Balawi mausoleum
The Carthage Tophet The Sidi Abid al-Ghariani Mausoleum
Roman villas of Carthage The Aghlabid basins
The Roman amphitheatre of Carthage The Great Mosque of Sousse
The el Jem Amphitheatre ( WH) The Sousse Ribat ( WH )
The El Haouaria caves The Zitouna Mosque ( WH )
The Sousse Catacombs Tourbet El Bey
The Mago quarter The fort of Hammamet
  Fort of Kelibia
  The Ribat of Monastir
  The Sfax Kasbah
  Borj el Kebir Mahdia
  The Fadhloun Mosque Jerba
  Borj Ghazi Mustapha Jerba

     WH : World Heritage